Information Security Basic Policy

Last update: 2014/06/01

E+Craftman Co., Ltd. handles various information assets in the development, operation and maintenance of information services and software development for various devices.

In order to maintain the trust of all customers as information security, we implement appropriate security management measures for these information assets, and build and operate an information security management system to achieve this. In addition, we provide services and software that meet the legal and regulatory requirements and the standards set by our company, and increase the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

  1. Establishment and continuous improvement of ISMS
    Establish, operate and maintain an information security management system (ISMS) to protect all information assets handled by the Company, enable business continuity, and secure customer trust, and implement continuous improvement.
  2. Compliance with laws and regulatory requirements and fulfilling social responsibilities
    We comply with security-related laws and regulations, as well as contractual requirements, and fulfill our social responsibilities as a company.
  3. Initiatives based on the "Basic Security Policy"
    Everyone involved in information assets handled by the Company implement security activities based on this "Basic Security Policy".
  4. Establish an environment to operate and maintain ISMS
    ISMS activities cannot only be promoted by some members, that’s why all people involved in our information assets, such as officers, employees and collaborators, must work together. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to carry out security activities at their own risk, as well as for organizational efforts. For this purpose, an information security officer is appointed within the company, and under this control, a company-wide security promotion system is established and security activities are promoted.
  5. Introduction of security measures considering business risks
    By protecting all information assets handled by the Company based on appropriate risk management, we reduce security threats and ensure business continuity.