日本・ホーチミンのオフィスカジュアル導入について/Introduction of Office Casual Style in Japan and Ho Chi Minh City.






E+Craftman Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that Office Casual style has been introducedat our Japanese office from the 1st of May, 2020, as an initial step of reforming its own workstyle (This style was introduced at the Ho Chi Minh office since its establishment).

All of our employees in Japan are surely aware of TPO,Nevertheless, it is necessary that employees should wear clothes that feel comfortable and donot make them tired while doing commuting or other jobs. Moreover, being enrolled in sportsor recreational activities after or before working hours make our employees stay healthy andactive. Consequently, I believe that improving employees’ time management do boost theirproductivity at work.

When you visit our company, please feel free to come without being concerned about the dress code.